• Birthday:Aug. 11, 1974
  • Birth Place:Trenton, New Jersey, USA
  • Aka:M.J. Di Benedetti, Michelle 'M.J.' DiBenedetti
  • Height:5' 7" (1.7 m)
  • Biography:Michelle DiBenedetti (aka MJ) was born in Trenton, New Jersey on August 11th. Her grandmother went to a psychic before MJ was born, stating that she would have a granddaughter in the future who would become a famous actress. So when MJ was born her parents started her on her acting roots through classes and modeling school. MJ did not go into Modeling or acting on her own until after graduating New York University for Broadcast Journalism, Political Science and Anthropology. She has a Bachelors of the Arts. MJ followed in Hallie Berry's footsteps by playing a prostitute in her first film role in "Day Zero." The next film "Brutal Massacre" was a perfect outlet for her comedian roots as she plays a stereo typical horror film actress. Her third film is a cameo in "Cluster," where she mocks internet videos. Michelle goes by MJ DiBenedetti, so when her name is credited, she sees her whole family as being credited since everyone of her immediate relatives has the initials MJD. She has done comedy skits for SNL and Conan O'Brian. MJ has appeared in 15 national commercials including Verizon, Monster.com, Red Lobster, Radio Shack and Pepsi. There is Buzz about her Fit Modeling career that she started in June of 1999. MJ's amazing accomplishments have been featured on Entertainment Tonight, Insider, Inside Edition, Fox News Channel, Trentonian, NYC Daily News, London's Daily Mirror, Shock, More Magazine and the Philly Edge.

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