• Birthday:Dec. 26, 1976
  • Birth Place:Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
  • Birth Name:Toni Michelle Hunter
  • Height:5' 2½" (1.59 m)
  • Biography:Toni Hunter is from Brooklyn, New York, by way of Indianapolis, Indiana. Toni comes from a military family background with both her mother and father having careers in the US army, this facilitated her travel throughout the United States and Europe from base to base all of her young life. Travel had its' way with forming her young mind and actually broadened her scope of possibility and daring her to dream the impossible Along the way, she trained in dance while at Virginia Commonwealth University, also studying with the Richmond Ballet and has been a gypsy ever since. From dancing, the natural progress was acting. She began her training with Broadway veteran, Esther Brandice and various affiliates of the New York stage. She landed her first role as Lovely Daniels in the independent film It Ain't Easy, where then she was spotted and asked to appear in several small roles of Guiding Light. Later she ventured out to Los Angeles, where she caught a supporting role in the cult classic SoulPlane. Quickly adding numerous music videos to her growing list of accomplishments. Soon after becoming a video feature veteran, Toni caught the stage play bug and fell in love with the true art as a thespian. Soon to appear in supporting roles in touring stage plays as Cheaters and Irresponsible Behavior. As of yet Toni has continued with her love of the arts experience, with both theatre and dance in both local and national arenas, hoping, to one day grace the stages of Broadway. She starred in HBO's The Wire, costarred on UPN's Cuts and featured in Spike Lee's 25th Hour with the foundation of New York City's 29th street repertoire.

Movies - Toni Hunter

A Day In The Life (2009) 4 clip(s) Estonia, USA