• Height:5' 6½" (1.69 m)
  • Biography:Bruna Rubio was born in Mardid, Spain. She started acting because of her father Feleipe Medrano. He was a producer doing a lot of commercials. At the age of 3 she did her first commercial for Nestle. All her life growing up she worked in many famous TV shows, commercials and theater plays.... At 18 years old she lost her mother in a car accident....that tragedy made her want to explore the world and keep her mind busy after losing her best friend.... At the age of 20 she stared traveling the world working in TV shows, soap operas etc all over the world (Singapore, Hong Kong, South China, Argentina, Mexico etc). At 25 her father also died from a broken heart ...not being able to live with out Victoria Rubio (Bruna's mom). Bruna live now between Los Angeles and Spain and currently she co-hosts Spanish TV as well as working in different American projects.

Movies - Bruna Rubio

Evilution (2008) 4 clip(s) USA