• Birthday:Dec. 26, 1970
  • Birth Place:New Zealand
  • Height:5' 6" (1.68 m)
  • Biography:Danielle Cormack is a leading light in contemporary New Zealand cinema, having made the transition to the big screen after a successful career in television. Appearances in soap operas in her native country led to her becoming a household name, but Cormack chose to leave behind the security of an ongoing role and, instead, did a lot of work in theatre, both in her native Auckland and also on tour, domestically and abroad. Playing a recurring guest character on Xena: Warrior Princess (1995), a US TV production filmed in New Zealand, brought Danielle an international fan base at the same time that she was establishing herself in successful independent film productions in her own country, and she has attended the Cannes Film Festival on several occasions to promote her performances in these critically-acclaimed works. Danielle has commented on more than one occasion that she is drawn to acting parts that contrast with previous work, indicating that she likes the challenge of breaking new ground professionally, and she continues to show considerable range in her chosen roles. She also finds time between her many film and stage commitments (and the responsibilities of being the mother of a young son) to attend fan conventions in the US and other countries, where she is a much-loved guest speaker regarding her "Xena" appearances and evidences real talents for comedy and improvisation in these settings. She has considered relocating to either the UK or the US to further her career opportunities, but for now seems content to remain in New Zealand and continue to exemplify the community of tremendous acting and production talent that resides there.

Movies - Danielle Cormack

Underbelly[TV] (2008) 79 clip(s) Australia